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Dr. Peter E. Udo Umoh (Chairman)

Dr. Umoh is a trained Educator and Moral Philosopher. He holds the Dip.Phil (Philosophy), BA (Philosophy), MA (Systematic Moral Theology), MDiv (Divinity) and the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Leadership and Administration. He also holds a Certificate in Latin. As part of his doctoral research, Dr. Umoh traveled to Nigeria and completed a comprehensive and systematic study of the educational system in Akwa Ibom state with searchable indicators. As an educational leader, his expertise is School Improvement.

Mr. Joseph Idiong (Vice-Chairman)

Biographical data coming soon...

Mr. Uduakobong Luke Mark (Secretary)

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Mrs. Inemesit Umoh (Assistant Secretary)

Mrs. Umoh has over 25 years’ experience working as an Educator, Counselor, Teacher and Graduate Assistance. She is very responsible and dependable and is able to work under pressure. She is interested in taking an active role as an Executive member of Ati Annang.

Mrs. Caroline Akpan (Treasurer/Eka Iban)

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Mr. Raymond Ikono (Financial Secretary)

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Mr. Gabriel Okon (Public Relations Officer)

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